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Online Tuxedo Rental Stores Compared 2015


National Tuxedo Rentals created an online rental service to offer the best prices and best value to our customers. To see how we’re keeping up with that goal, we researched the top services in our industry. Below is a breakdown of what we found, including our sources so you can see for yourself.

Online Tuxedo Rental Pricing Comparison

In this section, we compare the pricing of a complete tuxedo rental with our competitors. We define a complete tuxedo rental as a package that includes: Tuxedo Jacket, Pants, Shirt, Vest, Tie and Jewelry.

Entry-Level Pricing Mid-Range Pricing High-End Pricing Shoe Prices
National Tuxedo Rentals $59 – 60 Styles $79 – 20 Styles $99 – 15 Styles $15
The Black Tux $145 – 1 Style $160 – 1 Style $170 – 1 Style $25
TuxShip $70 – 1 Style $80-105 – 24 Styles $120-145 – 26 Styles $5-$25
Menguin $160 – 9 Styles N/A $170 – 1 Style Included
Simple Tux $125 – 3 Styles $150 – 8 Styles $175 – 9 Styles Included $160 – Any 1 Tux $155 – Any 2 Tuxes $150 – Any 3 Tux Rentals Included

The Best Prices for Online Tuxedo Rental:

In every price range, National Tuxedo Rentals offers the lowest prices, whether or not you include the cost of a shoe upgrade. Tux ship comes in close on pricing, but it’s not a match – and their tuxedo selection only offers about half the number of styles that we do. In all other cases, our prices beat the competition quite significantly.


Tuxedo Product Selection Comparison

This section illustrates how we compare on selection of various tuxedo products with our competitors.

Tuxedo Styles Suit Styles Shirt Styles Vest Styles Tie Styles
National Tuxedo Rentals 94 Tuxedos 5 Suits 24 350 1520
The Black Tux 3 Tuxedos 2 Suits 2 4 2
TuxShip 50 Tuxedos 1 Suit 12 135 448
Menguin 8 Tuxedos 2 Suits 5 5 203
Simple Tux 17 Tuxedos 3 Suits 3 25 53 48 Tuxedos N/A 4 135 Not Published

Already off to a good start, we lead in every category above. How about on other products?

Hankie Styles Cummerbund Styles Jewelry Styles Shoe Styles
National Tuxedo Rentals 350 65 4 8
The Black Tux 1 1 10 5
TuxShip 13 15 2 7
Menguin 0 1 1 5
Simple Tux 15 1 2 3 Not Published Not Published Not Published 4

The Best Selection of Rental Tuxedo Products: National Tuxedo Rentals

In every category we carry more products than our competition. When you rent with our service, you have access to a huge selection of formal wear products. If you’re looking to rent a tuxedo, chances are that what you’re looking for is available in our massive catalog.

Comparing the Convenience of Online Tuxedo Rental Companies

This section shows how each service stacks up in terms of certain service policies, features and benefits.

Delivery Policies

Cost of Shipping To You Cost of Return Shipping Delivery Window
National Tuxedo Rentals $8.95 Flat Rate Free 7 to 10 Days Before Event
The Black Tux Free If Ordered 16 Days Prior Free 7 Days Before Event
TuxShip Free Free 1 to 7 Days Before Event
Menguin Not Published Not Published 2 to 4 Days Before Event
Simple Tux Free if Ordered 8 Days Prior Free 4 to 5 Days Before Event $40 Flat Rate | Free w/ 3+ Tuxes [See Previous Column] Not Listed

Analysis: Our shipping prices are not the absolute best, but they are low and fair. Shipping costs are significant, and we feel that charging a low, fair price for shipping allows us to keep the costs of our products low. However, our delivery policy of getting your tux to you 7-10 days before your event is best in class.

Fees and Surcharges

Rush Fee  Late Return Fee Policy Waiver Charges Security Deposit
National Tuxedo Rentals None No Late Fees None None
The Black Tux $20-$60 Depends on Rush Severity 25% of rental per day $5
TuxShip None  $10 per day  None  None
Menguin No Published Policy $25 per day None None
Simple Tux $50 Within 8 Days of Event 50%/day after 1 week Included in Price None $10 within 8 Days | $20 within 3 Yes | Cost Unspecified $6 Yes

National Tuxedo Rentals is the most consumer friendly when it comes to service fees, deposits and charges: we don’t have any! We believe in making money by providing our customers quality products and service that they’ll love and use again – not by charging them at every opportunity.

Sources for the Comparison Data

Here you will find links to the sources of the information above that we used to gather data for these charts.

The following resources were used in gathering information and data for

The following resources were used in gathering information and data for

We used several pages on, but it appears that their web server is configured in a way that prevents us linking you directly to those pages. We can copy and paste the URL’s here, but it seems they will only work from our computer – as they are tied to a session. Don’t quote us on the exact technology they use, but all we know is that links we copy from their site do not work on any other computer than the one that was used to get the links. However, the only source we used for gathering information about tuxship, its products, and policies was their website: – and you are free to verify this information for yourself.

The following resources were used in gathering information and data for

The following resources were used in gathering information and data for

The following resources were used in gathering information and data for